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Bad Reviews 09/12/2013
The food was average but the real problem is when i called to change my payment from cash to card they over charged me. Noticing this i called and a man wrote down my phone number saying that he would have his boss call me personally and i have yet to receive a phone call. Mahalia, ordered 1 times
Bad Reviews 08/22/2013
I thought the food was excellent, however, "Luigi" was the person who delivered to me and he called me "Sir"; this sincerely makes me question whether or not I will order from Mamma Mia again due to the lack of respect for the customers; apparently no one has ever taught "Luigi" to say "Ma'am" "Miss" etc. and no word of thanks such as "Thank you!" or "We appreciate your order at Mamma Mia" was given either; makes me seriously wonder about whether I'll ever be ordering from them again or not Kristen-Diane, ordered 6 times
Great Reviews 08/16/2013
After about two orders they already knew who I was, great service and delivery. I have only yet ordered their pasta, several different types, and all have been good. Pesto, Carbonara, and as of literally right now, their special tortelinni. They tend to give extra garlic bread, which is an added plus. They are my go-to pasta place when I am in the mood (which seems to be every other day) jessica, ordered 1 times
Bad Reviews 08/02/2013
Food was good, second time ordering. However, upon (late) arrival, delivery person cursed me out and blamed all other customers, including me, for not picking up their phones in time (I was out the door in 30seconds). Will not order again. Nathan, ordered 1 times
Bad Reviews 06/02/2013
Mozzarella sticks were gross. Breading was soggy and nasty, cheese was mushy instead of melty, etc. Dipping sauce was the only good part. Salad was mediocre. Lettuce was fresh, but bitter, and the dressing was really boring. Pasta wasn't terrible, but it was insanely rich. Desperately needed something to cut the fat. Won't be ordering here again. Anthony, ordered 1 times
Bad Reviews 03/30/2013
Do not get the buffalo wings. It doesn't matter if you think they'll be OK -- they won't be. Avoid The buffalo wings at all costs. Josiah, ordered 30 times
Great Reviews 02/02/2013
Decent pizza, good price, and opens on 2am, the driver arrived in 30 minutes. I really enjoyed their Italian chicken wings. very flavorful and tender. definitely gonna be back. Cherry, ordered 21 times
Bad Reviews 12/20/2012
Wow, this pizza tasted like something from a high school cafeteria. Bleh. Ashley, ordered 35 times
Bad Reviews 10/21/2012
Gave me wrong pasta (got cheese instead of spinach). Ordered mushrooms on pasta so they threw RAW mushroom on top instead of taking 2 seconds to cook. Pizza undercooked -- had to throw in my own oven. Daniel, ordered 4 times
Ok Reviews 08/11/2012
good price. alright pizza. slow delivery. expect an hour or more for delivery Jennifer, ordered 1 times
Bad Reviews 07/17/2012
no utensils delivered to eat food, placed order to be delivered at 11:30, cane at 10:45 Nancy, ordered 12 times
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Yelp's Reviews 45 reviews
The staff here is super sweet and they have free delivery which is a great bonus. Their salad is very fresh and tasty. They also have great deals such as... read more...
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I am a nurse at uwmc, I work nights and ordered a pizza to be delivered at 1140pm. By 1250 I hadn't heard from them and called the restaurant to inquire... read more...
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This is the SECOND time I've ordered from here on Uber eats and THEYVE GIVEN ME A COMPLETELY WRONG ORDER. Something I couldn't even be like "Okay this is... read more...
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